Hay for Sale Near Me

Hay in simple terms is grass that is cut, dried and baled when at its most nutritive state to be used as animal food. Today you are able to buy hay bales online thanks to Hay Garden Wholesale. Here in the United States there has always been hay for sale near me. However, it was difficult for those in need of a lot of bales to get access to this animal feed. So we started a family business by acting like a broker connecting buyers to farmers. But then we realized not all the farmers were actually producing very nutritive hay as required. Thus we took upon ourselves to become the best producers and suppliers of hay bales. This move has forever been the perfect solution to all the problems our clients had. So, they now enjoy the most nutritive bales of hay for sale from our 25 years of experience.

450.000 ton.

Annual forage production

20.000 ton.

Annual organic cereals production

20.000 ton.

Annual organic cereals production


Production plants

12 MW

Renewable energy installed on own roofs




Countries we export to

Horse Hay for Sale Near Me

We are number one producers of nutritive hay good for both large and small grazing animals raised as livestock. That is horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. We produce the following: Timothy hay, Hay Garden Wholesale, Forage hay, Bermuda hay, Oat hay and Orchard hay. So, you can buy hay suitable for your needs. Most at times, many will search for ” where to buy hay bales near me ” . This is to avoid waiting time and may be to see quality before doing business. But today, our company solves the problem of where to buy hay bales as we have our own trucks and drivers that deliver your order within the U.S.A , without any delays and shipping worldwide. Also we are not longer some sort of middle men. We are experts in production and actually invest a lot to bring out the best bales of horse hay for sale near me.After looking at quality, you should note that it is better to buy hay from us as we will always be available to supply instead of looking for some broker that needs to keep looking for farmers. Being producers ourselves gives us the right to have the best prices of hay. Our large hay garden wholesale are usually round weighing averagely 1,500lbs while the small square bales are about 100lbs. Start your business today with the number one suppliers of organic hay and your live stocks will grow healthier than before. Delivery within the USA takes 5 days maximum. While other countries will take a maximum of 20 days. But, when we exports to countries like Saudi Arabia, China and even the UAE it can take 10 – 15 days as it has become our regular thing to supply to them due to a lot of buyers.

Hay Garden Wholesale Bales of Hay for Sale

As already mentioned above, we are a family (The Hay Garden Wholesale) in the business of producing and supplying hay in and out of the USA. Our goal is to produce the most nutritive hay and bring it to your door steps so that your animals can enjoy. We use advance farming techniques to make sure our hay has more leaves with few or nor coarse stems and seeds in each bale. Also, our preservative methods makes our hay to have less or no mold or dust. Our bales generally have a bright green color with a sweet and fresh smell. We also have special techniques to avoid poisonous plants mixed in the bales.

Be that as it may be, these are just visual aspects to identify poor quality hay. But what we consider very important is the feed value as proven by forage analyses. Thus the Hay Garden Wholesale always carries out laboratory forage analysis to confirm the quality of the hay bales for sale. This analysis always includes dry matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiver, digestible nutrients, net energy values, relative feed value and minerals for the best health. Thus we guarantee you that your live stock will grow faster and healthier.

Payment Methods

Also, we do not only apply advance technology to farming. We also use it for interaction with customers. Thus, we have gone a step further to accept a variety of payment methods including, Bank to Bank transfer (for orders above $10,000), Bitcoin, Zelle, CashApp and even COD for orders above $500,000. So, submit your order for hay now and we will contact you to complete the payment in US Dollars. Then delivery proceeds immediately.