Our Story

HAY GARDEN WHOSALE LTD PROCESSING PLANT & HEAD OFFICE Boasting long, dry, hot summers and modest winter rainfall, USA’s consistent climate offers the perfect conditions to grow highly nutritious, sweet Fresh Oaten Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Bermuda Hay, Clover Hay, Forage Hay, Orchard Hay, Teff Hay, Timothy Hay .

Our main growing districts are located at 153 Wallace Hill Rd, Townsend, MA 01469.

Processing occurs at our Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd Processing Plant – situated 15 kilometer’s, and another Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd Processing Processing Plant – situated 130 kilometer’s south east. both served by efficient road and rail transport routes to major Boston ports. Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd even had a rail link built directly to the door of its  plant in order to ensure direct and efficient deliveries to world markets.

Proud of its local heritage, the Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd Head Office (contact Us) is located in the picturesque township 69 Highland St, Townsend, MA 01469.

Founded in Massachusetts by two local farmers and two local businessmen in 1990, Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd is now one of the country’s leading hay processors and exporters.

Consistently high quality product can only be achieved through the efforts of committed, experienced growers.  Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd has developed long-term relationships with the most experienced and professional growers in the prime growing state in Florida and Oklahoma .

Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd has been the driving force in leading the United State  Hay industry through break-through product innovation (/moby), continual process improvement and new export market (/China) exploration.

 With our roots firmly based in rural USA, Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd is committed to supporting the local community through employment and the provision of export support and training. Together, Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd and its growers are setting the benchmark in quality standards across the industry. With an exemplary work health and safety record, we put the wellbeing of our employees before all else.

A deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the expertise of our in house agronomy team has seen Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd forge deep and long term relationships with buyers worldwide who have come to rely on us for quality, expertise and reliability.

Contact us to learn more about Hay Garden Wholesale Ltd and taking hay to the next level